Commerce 2.x Changes Everything

While Drupal 8 has reached critical mass and is the standard for new site builds, e-commerce projects were left behind... until now.

Drupal Commerce is completely re-written to leverage the Drupal 8 API and is in many ways a reference implementation for its most advanced features. In this session, we will explore Drupal Commerce's leadership position in Drupal 7 and how you can build enterprise-grade e-commerce sites with Commerce 2.x in Drupal 8.

While there will be a few code snippets, this session will focus on features and functionality over technical topics. Anyone considering building an e-commerce site using Drupal will come away with an understanding of Drupal Commerce 2.x's features, status and the state of the contrib ecosystem.

Speaker Brad Jones is a contributor to Drupal Commerce 2.x as well as contributed modules for marketplace sales, memberships and payments. He is CEO of BigIsland.Fish, a Drupal-powered marketplace application that seeks to revolutionize fresh seafood sales.

30 minutes
Speaker(s): bradjones1 Time: July 29th - CAMP 11:15am-11:40am Room: Recital Hall Track: Development and Site Building