Levelling Up: How to Go from Developer to CTO

Being a developer today means that you don’t have a hard time finding a job. But in many developers’ lives comes the day when they realize they want more. Not just a new job, or new technologies, or new projects, but a whole new level. They want to be their own bosses. Maybe even other people’s bosses. They want to make the decisions, run their businesses, and be fully in charge of their destinies. But how can you make the transition successfully? And more importantly, do you really want it? Will it make you happy?

When I made the leap of faith and founded my first company after years of being a developer I didn’t have the answers, and although everything worked out well - Cheppers had nearly 50 employees by the time I stepped down as a CTO - nothing worked out as I expected. I'm going to tell you my story, sharing everything I’ve learnt, all the mistakes, all the difficulties, and all the good, the bad, and the ugly decisions I faced during this period, so you can be more prepared when you decide to Level Up and go from Developer to CTO.

60 minutes
Speaker(s): csg Time: July 29th - CAMP 3:30pm-4:25pm Room: Recital Hall Track: Business and Open Source