Tools of the Trade

So you're a Drupalista delivering professional services that delight and amaze your clients! In an ideal world, you're spending 90% of your time to achieve that end. Unfortunately, like death and taxes, nobody can avoid the overhead. Everything from billing, support, document management, project management, and secret management can make or break your ability to meet this ideal goal.


In this panel, we invite 4 members from local agencies to discuss pain points and success stories on adopting and/or building tools to help streamline internal and external processes.

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Levelling Up: How to Go from Developer to CTO

Being a developer today means that you don’t have a hard time finding a job. But in many developers’ lives comes the day when they realize they want more. Not just a new job, or new technologies, or new projects, but a whole new level. They want to be their own bosses. Maybe even other people’s bosses. They want to make the decisions, run their businesses, and be fully in charge of their destinies. But how can you make the transition successfully? And more importantly, do you really want it? Will it make you happy?

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Simple Automated Regression Testing Solutions

Most of us understand the value and importance of automated testing for a website undergoing continuous development. However, many of the popular solutions and implementations are either too complex or time-consuming for novices or small teams to utilize. 


This presentation will demonstrate simple regression testing workflows beginners can set up using tools like Ghost Inspector and Wraith.

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Put your Authors in the Drivers Seat

Drupal has always been super flexible in terms of content entry screens. We can add whatever fields we like to any content type. However, platforms like Wordpress and Squarespace set the bar pretty high in terms of the content creation experience. Having a video on the page is no longer good enough; the exact placement is just as important.


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Firewise 2.0: Bringing a paper process online with Drupal 8

Firewise USA™ teaches individuals how to adapt to living with wildfires and how to take action as a community in order to prevent loss of property. The program’s paper application process has existed for 15 years, but, in 2016, the Firewise team decided to bring the process online, using Drupal 8 as their platform.


Join Aron Anderson, Associate Project Manager in the Wildland Fire Operations Division of the NFPA, and Nick Switzer, Development Director at Elevated Third, to discuss the challenges and rewards of bringing a paper process online as a Drupal 8 web app.

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Accessible websites can’t be achieved by just one person. Learn how to get your whole team involved

The internet is the main source of information for most people in today’s world. We must make sure everyone is able to access and enjoy the web.

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My Journey: Learning Disabled, Fine Artist, Technology Professional in an Open Source World.

My journey to open source technology professional: Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Studio Art and minoring in Theatre. Master of Fine Arts in Theater and a certification in Non-Profit Management.


"Your degrees are in what?!"


Oh, and severe learning disabilities as a child.

How did that take me to making a career in the world of open source? How did these building blocks in life set me up to successfully metamorphose from fine artist to technology professional at Pfizer?

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Unravel Your Brand to Boost Your Business

Do the words "sales and marketing" make you want to throw up in your mouth a little bit? Let me guess - you'd rather be up all night fixing bugs in your modules...

Or - maybe you don't technically hate the idea, you just don't know the best way to approach it. 

You know Drupal developers are the true magic makers - after all, ideas are merely ideas until you turn them into reality. But how do you grow your business and land better contracts?

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Drutopia and the Rise of Platform Cooperatives

Digital platforms such as Facebook, Uber, and AirBNB impact our lives in tremendous ways, organizing people on unprecendented scales. They have both broken down barriers in traditional industries and also been rife with scandal and abuse.

The platform cooperative movement brings the democratic and ethical values of cooperatives into the world of digital platforms. These platforms provide services and coordinate activity like their corporate counterparts, but instead are collectively owned and governed by the people who depend on and participate in it.

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Drupal 8 Views

Views was used on more than 80% of all Drupal 7 sites; now it is part of the Drupal 8 core.

Join in a father/daughter discussion about Views.

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