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DrupalCamp Colorado 2017

Downtown Denver at the Auraria Campus, July 28-30


This summer, join us at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and learn Drupal, the Open Source content management system that lets you build amazing web sites and applications.

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  • Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire - Saturday's Keynote

    "Community is shared values"

    Our current Code of Conduct is a mix of idealism and practice. If we are to be a community based on values, or principles, or ideals–and maybe we’re not–we need to say so. We need to discover what those values are and express them in actionable ways. A Statement of Values would give us an instance, something concrete to reference when we talk about the “who we are” part of Drupal.

    Saturday's Keynote
    invisible me
  • Adam Bergstein – Nerdstein's Keynote

    "The Unintentional Findings of a Honey Badger"

    I have recognized a tendency to act like a “honey badger.” We have a tireless drive for what we pursue, but this same singularity of focus can come at the expense of social and emotional considerations. This talk helps to share how I have harnessed my inner honey badger to be a better co-worker, community member, family member, and friend.

    Nerdstein's Keynote


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Summit and Trainings

Registration for the Summit is between 8:30 and 9:00 AM at St. Cajetan's, a historic pink church across from the King Center. 

Registration for Training starts at 9:00 AM in the King Center next to the box office by the South entrance. Trainings will be held in separate classrooms.

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!

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