Bridging gaps in inter-cultural work environment

Diverse work environment is a key for the successful growth of development team that can utilize different experiences and skills of team members with multicultural backgrounds. Diversity makes us stronger and allows to approach common problems from different angles. However, effective integration of people from different backgrounds into work environment can be challenging for both business owners and newcomers alike.

Communication difficulties and cultural challenges can be overwhelming, therefore in this talk I'd like to cover some approaches and steps that could be taken to bridge gaps in intercultural collaboration in work environments and allow new members of the team enrich work process with their experiences and successfully integrate into the team.

The talk will contain tips and strategies for both business owners and newcomers. Regardless of job role you will be able to learn new information about challenges and benefits of diverse work teams.

30 minutes
Speaker(s): amykhailova Time: July 29th - CAMP 9:30am-9:55am Room: Room 211 Track: Business and Open Source