Powering an Interactive SVG and JavaScript Game Engine with Drupal

Drupal's fielded entities were designed for structuring and displaying traditional web content, but can just as easily be used to build a rich data model for almost any application.

We'll look at how Aten built a Drupal-powered API for generating levels for an HTML5, SVG and JavaScript game engine. This system allowed content editors to create a limitless number of unique, hand-crafted levels for an early childhood education game without additional development costs.

This session will cover how we used Drupal to create configurable level entities, the tools and techniques we used to make an interactive game with SVG and JavaScript, and how we internationalized our audio instructions by integrating Drupal with the Watson API. Attendees of any experience level are welcome to attend, but attendees who can follow along with some JavaScript code examples and those with an interest in browser based graphics and animation will find the presentation even more engaging.

What you should already know

  • Site builder knowledge of Drupal
  • Intermediate javascript
  • Familiarity with SVG or interest in graphics and animation


I previously presented this as a 25 min session at DrupalCon 2017 in Baltimore.

30 minutes
Speaker(s): zrpnr Time: July 29th - CAMP 9:30am-9:55am Room: Room 215 Track: Front End