Put your Authors in the Drivers Seat

Drupal has always been super flexible in terms of content entry screens. We can add whatever fields we like to any content type. However, platforms like Wordpress and Squarespace set the bar pretty high in terms of the content creation experience. Having a video on the page is no longer good enough; the exact placement is just as important.


Join me as I share what we’ve been learning at Aten Design Group about building flexible layouts and content in Drupal 8 for clients like History Colorado and Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. I’ll demo how you can combine modules like Paragraphs, Media Entity, Entity Browser and Inline Entity Form to provide a powerful editing experience. These modules have opened up a world of possibilities, but they have also made us ask:


  1. How many options should we provide? Background image? Background color? Alignment? Number of columns?

  2. What is the right balance of separation of configuration and content?


I encourage anyone to attend that has:


  1. Longed for better Media handling in Drupal.

  2. Heard about Paragraphs module but doesn’t understand what it provides.

  3. Explored flexible content/layouts at the node level.


Drupal users of all levels will benefit. Users with some level of familiarity with configuring fields and content types may benefit most.


Attendees will leave with a greater awareness of what Drupal’s competition is doing and learn about the possibilities in Drupal 8. A sample site with some of the mentioned modules will also be provided.


30 minutes
Speaker(s): joelsteidl brian Time: July 29th - CAMP 11:45am-12:10pm Room: Recital Hall Track: Development and Site Building