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  • Jeff is a Partner and Senior Infrastructure Architect at Tag1 Consulting where he works with clients of all sizes to create and maintain secure, automated, and high performance server infrastructures. A proponent of configuration management systems before Chef and Puppet existed, he leverages those and other tools to quickly deploy scalable infrastructures to support high traffic websites and applications. Jeff has extensive experience with all aspects of open source software, gained over the years. As Operations Manager at Oregon State University‚Äôs Open Source Lab -- the largest open source hosting infrastructure of its kind -- he led the infrastructure and development teams. While there, Jeff coordinated with private corporations, government agencies, and nonprofits to help them understand open source licensing, development processes, and to get the most benefit from open source software. He has been involved in the CentOS Linux build and release process as a member of the QA team, co-authored the O'Reilly High Performance Drupal book, and works as a volunteer for the infrastructure team. You'll likely find Jeff riding his Lemond bike around Fort Collins, possibly pulling a trailer holding his son, Luke.
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